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Experience and Skills

I’ve been engaged in freelance website design for more than 2.5 years, and also collaborate with various companies, in two of the companies I am a lead designer.

Last year, I studied very deeply the capabilities of Webflow, Tilda and Cinema 4D. During this time, I figured out and learned a lot of things.

Thanks to my knowledge, I can qualitatively implement almost any non-standard solutions, create animation in Ae and integrate it in the svg format on the site, also work with 3D objects, create small 3D compositions, and animations.
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It is important for me to create a meaningful design and carefully study it, to create a design that will be effective, convenient and understandable for the user.

Sometimes it happens that the announced deadlines may not coincide with those that were the result. I soberly understand the situation that in any project there may always appear some additional difficulties, corrections and unplanned new wishes that may take longer to implement. Therefore, the terms for the project almost always lay more.

How I lead the project

Due to the fact that I work on freelance all the communication with customers, programmers and other specialists, I conduct it independently, so I have good control over all processes, stages of work and deadlines, as well as I resolve all issues that arise on my own as they arise.

Working with specialists on projects of varying complexity, I had little experience curation of a 3D designer and junior graphic designer, who, under my leadership, created additional content for the project.

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